Dunlopillo is one of best known bedding brands worldwide and has built a reputation for comfort, innovation and technology, providing luxury latex mattresses and pillows to millions of people around the Globe.

It all started in the 1920's, when a group of scientiests invented Dunlop latex foam. The innovative new material is the first of its kind to be used to pad seats in public trams, trains and trolleybuses. The aircraft industry welcomes latex foam to pad cockpits and seats as well.

Dunlopillo made the first latex mattresses that stay fresh and keep their shape without plumping or flipping. These prove to be a huge hit.

In the 1980's Dunlopillo UK Latex is proven by the Shirley Institute of Manchester to be doubly effective in killing bed bugs compared to interior spring core mattresses.
Advanced Dunlopillo technology used in hospital mattresses to offer patients pressure relief, spinal alignment and back support.

Today, the Dunlopillo brand in the UK is owned by Steinhoff, an international holding with operations in Europe, USA, Africa, Australia and Asia. All products are manufactured and assembled in Wellington, Somerset. The latex cores used in the Dunlopillo mattresses are produced by Latexco- the world's biggest latex foam manufacturer. The Dunlopillo range of pillows are made by the US Company Talalay Global. The divans,adjustable and ottoman beds and headboards are made by their sister company Relyon.

Dunlopillo have released their Signature range of divans, mattresses, adjustable beds, headboards and bedsteads.The mattresses are designed to deliver long lasting performance by utilising their natural resilience to hold their shape and remain durable for years to come. While our ActiproTM technology provides natural protection against allergens, dust mites and odours.

Available in a range of sizes, our mattress options are designed to suit any room dimension, from a single bed frame to a super king size bed. If you have plenty of space, try sleeping like royalty in a Dunlopillo king size bed, for a refreshing night’s sleep, every night. Our choice of upholstered bedsteads and headboards offer luxurious comfort, ideal when you’re relaxing reading a book or watching a late night film.