Intellifoam Superdeluxe Mattress

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Intellifoam Superdeluxe Mattress

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Intellifoam Superdeluxe MattressIntellifoam Superdeluxe Mattress

Product Description

The Intellifoam advanced memory foam mattress is the latest therapeutic innovation that provides gravity defying weightless comfort and support. The memory foam senses your body temperature and weight to conform to your body and comes with the fantastic Jacquard Velous - Coolmax Aloe Vera cover.

The Intellifoam foam mattress uses 10cm / 4 inches high density 5.5lbs/88kgm3 memory foam to absorb energy and motion, so you and your partner do not disturb each other during the night. Sleep peacefully like never before!

The mattresses are treated with an all-natural anti-microbial process, eliminating allergy-causing dust-mites and helps promote healthier sleep. The mattresses are covered in a luxurious Aloe Vera polyester, anti-allergenic, machine washable Coolmax cover.

CoolMax® Cover



The CoolMax® memory foam mattress cover is used by Intellifoam. It features a soft knitted fabric cover, with a unique, fast-drying fibre that gives you a cool, comfortable sleep. Moisture evaporates rapidly rather than being absorbed, reducing perspiration so your body remains cool. This is the same CoolMax® that is found in professional sportswear.

Characteristics of Intellifoam Memory Foam

  1. Zero pressure point means 80% less tossing and turning resulting in 90% better sleep quality.
  2. Dustproof, antibacterial, anti-dustmite and complies with BS5852 & BS7177 and Intentional CAL117.
  3. Absorb sweat and allow air circulation, anti-fungal.
  4. Better anti-jamming than spring mattress.
  5. Better for spines as no need to turn over.
  6. Better for people suffering from lumbago, backache, spurs, spine injury, post-operation, bedsores and arthritis.
  7. It's design is based on ergonomics and conforms to your sleeping posture, supporting your spine completely.
  8. Always recovers to it's original shape with no distortion.