20 day trial

20 Day Free Trial

20 Day Free Trial

How do I qualify for the Intellifoam 20 day trial?
You qualify for the 20-night trial through the Intellifoam website or Ebay.
Payment will be taken via paypal, credit or debit card, cheque.
You will need to be in the UK to take advantage of this offer and not had a 20 day trial with Intellifoam before.

Which products can be ordered on the 20-night trial? 
The 20-night trial is available for all Intellifoam mattresses.
On the product pages of the website all product prices are inclusive of VAT but exclusive of delivery charge.

Where can the products be delivered? 
For security purposes we will only deliver products to the address which appears on your debit or credit card statement and the paypal verified address. If you want your product delivered to another address please contact our Direct Sales Team on 0800 0430753

When will my products be delivered? 
Most of the time delivery will be within 48 hours / see delivery at www.intellifoam.com

If I don’t like the product, how do I get my money back? 
In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with the products in any way and wish to cancel the agreement, you must contact a member of our Customer Service Team within the 20-night trial period on freephone 0800 0430753 or via email.

PLEASE NOTE : It is your responsibility to return the mattress to us in a pristine condition, within the 20 day period, to be eligible for the refund, minus the delivery charge. There is a courier charge of £50 to return the item, this will be deducted from your refund.


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